prof. Dmitry I. Mironenko-De
  King of Robots De, fifth
Okhotsk, 2007
Engine on the fast neutrinoes Newest space-ship Paraturbai of "Paraturbai Interstellar, Inc.". Proton-neutron engine with the acceleration of 6,000,000x. The cost is 16,000,000 units. Construction of engine. Emitter of fast neutrinoes (water), the lattice of the accelerator of neutrino, the quantized laser pump neutrino, nuclear engine, thermo-nuclear engine, proton-neutron pumping. Lets calculate the effectiveness of the engine: 1/6000000 (output of neutrino), multiplier to 1000, the laser pumping to 6000, nuclear coefficient 6, thermo-nuclear coefficient 2, proton-neutron addition at the Uranium frequency: 914*2*6*6000*1000*(1/6000000)=10968 (mass number). Fig 1. The working model of nuclear-thermonuclear engine, (you can measure particle flux by the counter, it is noticeable ejection and explosions) Engine produces the at first large flow of the negatively charged particles, and then saturates this mixture by protons and neutrons to gain the higher acceleration by mass. The lattice of the accelerator of neutrino is the precisest anode. The mass effectiveness of engine 1,008 times* is more than analog. Equipped with this one device "Paraturbai" is capable to move the cosmic body even (satellite or planet). In the water a quantity of fast neutrinos is 80 times more. The synthesis of matter in the water goes 80 times more rapidly. Fuel is: the mixture of water (99%) and hydrogen (1%), what means the solution is analog of hydrogen (color of solution - blue). The quantized laser uses a high-precision quartz resonator. Lens after laser scatters neutrino flux on the nuclear camera. Nuclear-thermonuclear explosion is produced onto two radio frequencies (20 and 40 MHz respectively). Drebling of frequency is not more than +/- 0.000001 MHz (one millionth of megahertz). As nuclear-thermonuclear fuel it is possible to use: mixture of benzin(63.014%), water (36.986%) - nuclear fuel; or benzin(66.015%), and water (33.985%) - thermo-nuclear fuel. Such mixtures have harmonics radio frequencies to the explosions. The cylinder of water is lens with the enormous focal length, which screens from alpha- and beta-particles. And furthermore housing is covered by steel jacket. The absorbing lattices decrease a quantity of radioactive particles in the ejection down to zero. Two variants are possible: either extinction by water, or extinction by laser with the convenction of heavy water in both cases. The unshielded ejection of engine is extremely dangerous, since it is positive on charge - the fire-death of the brain is possible. Take care! Engine control is accomplished by the installation of the power on laser pumping and on the absorbing lattices. Neutrinoes-teleporter The mechanisms of teleportation are based on the transfer of substance with the flow of ultra-highspeed manipulated neutrinoes. Neutrino has the following special quality: from it is possible to synthesize practically any particle. I mean, the collections (sub-sets) of neutrinoes are converted into other particles under specific conditions. During the first stage of teleportation the matter is scanned by neutrino-beam and than destroyed. Then, in the receiver precise copy is created (synthesized). Let us estimate density and the quantity of information, implicated in the transfer: compression of sheet 800x600 points gives us the quantity of information about 20K. Information index** of object (simple, biological for example) will be: Avogadro's number * Size of body / 800*600 = Quantity of (molees) (sm^3) Screen information 10^24 * 10,000 / 480,000 = 625 Quadrobytes Further compression with coefficient of 1/24 gives the new (manipulated) volume of data: 0.625 Pbyte* 0,0416666 = 26,041.625 Terabytes Thus in neutrinoe-transfer (teleportation) of being the information flow is formed in 26,042 Tbytes. There is no difference of whatever, in that precise coordinate the atoms of the object of teleportation are located, since they pass into the thermal Brownian motion immediately after sintezis. Information about the chemical structure (x3 bytes earlier) is only important. 3D-accelerated manipulation is possible within the synthesizer of matter during the teleportation of physical object, for example the aircraft. Lets examine now the construction of tele-porter window (,or Window). For example, you can use my schematics of device, placed on "Fourth Dimension-De" Corporation's site. Fourth Dimension De, Inc. During the first stage it is necessary to obtain information. This is achieved by scanning the object. 0. Control device and application of Window. Microprocessor "Intel-De". 1. Penetrating scanner (neutrinoes). + Generator of fast neutrinoes. 2. Packer-converter (with 6 digital signal processors) "National Semiconductor", Corporation or "Analog Devices" (sales). 3. Anti-drebling (planet). It removes the vibration of planet during teleportation. With the ultra-precise GPS-coordinator. Positioner. 4. Preliminary filter (teleport filter). It rejects super-neutrinos, is controlled by microprogram depending on intesivity of flew (depends of mass). 5. Garbage-filter. It rejects random neutrinos from space. 6. Garmonics-filter. Removes the additional resonance harmonics. 7. Microprogram by "Fourth Dimension", concernus "De-Robots". Additional filters: 8. Zuidic-filter***. It removes weak wave what appears during framing. Some collisions of particles are extremely dangerous. For example, the probability collision of approximately thousand of diverse particles leads to the appearance of the pico-tranjector of insects (very dangerous). Medical filters: 9. Pico-filter. Destroys pico-tranjectors (infection). 10. Nano-filter. Destroys nano-tranjectors (infection). 11. Micro-filter. Destroys micro-tranjectors and cyclotides. 12. a-Genetics filter. Destroys alpha-humans. 13. Programmed b-Genetics filter. Destroys creature (Beta-celovek). Functions whitelist, blacklist. 14. y-Genetics filter. Female-beast destroyer. The principle of medical filters is based on the disconnection of point from the calculated framework, which makes it possible to avoid the spider infection of object. The calculated point dissipates the frequency ranges, which correspond respectively to width(a) and height(b) of insects' tranjectors. Micro-filter endevours a search of microtranjectors and prevents the start of the micro-cyclotides of insects (nuclear-thermonuclear explosion in 2 ms). Tele-porter is executed on the industrial standards and even exceeds the existing analogs on the functionality. It is one of the best. ------------ * - 1,008 (thrust) * 10.880952 (water) = 10,968 (thrust to the water) ** - 50 kg, 10 dm^3, 10,000 sm^3 *** - is supplied on the license of "De Corporation, (Robots)", Satan A. De. Multiplier of particles In the engine the multiplier of fast neutrinoes is used. It is the torus of neutrino lattices, mapped onto hypersphere. Individual neutrinoe is mapped into the hyper-sphere (so it is multiplied), then the flow of fast neutrinoes is reflected conversely and again it is duplicated (principle of pumping). Magnetic neutrino torus device Quick neutrino is easily copyable (multiplied) and rapid (particle with small mass). Probability curves (characteristic) The probability of point is equal to one. Line has a smaller probability. Some lines being discrete and quantized in nature produce the information spaces (capacities), which can be dangerous (see earlier). Thus precise calculation is required with the use of the super-big numbers (lines). Probability graph The probability of paracompact space is less than the probability of lines, but it is more than the probability of plane (figure, image). Neutrinoes paracompact is highly durable and is quickly compressed space with the enormous power. The probability of plane is less than the probability of line. The probability of plane is the product of multiplication of probabilities of all points of plane. Thus, the probability of picture in reality is equal to zero, and it is less than the probability of object. The probability of space is lower more and is the product of probabilities of the planes, which compose space. This explains why objects are not appear by themselves. Paracompact space is a reflection from one. The inner space of paracompact weapon is reflection from zero (same). The contents of paracompact is less probable due to the compression and motion, than usual space, that explain why seized by paracompact object consists of the set of lines. The probabilities of multi-dimensional spaces are practically smallest among the probabilities examined. Time-machine Time-machine makes it possible to travel through time. Working principle: point laser accurately reproduces the very long record of radio waves, with frequency upto 1 GHz in the flow approximately of half-hour, which leads to the transfer in the time to the original moment. Thus, the time-machine - is a digital tape recorder! It is possible the calculation machine of time, which analyzes harmonics and has respectively very big record (by the volume of information) of preliminarily computed for the travel points of time (on the hyper-sphere disk, for example - analog of DVD).