---=== UFO DEMISTIFIED ===---

                    version 1.0d
      Copyright (c) 2006, by Dmitry I. Mironenko

Q: - What is physics?
A: - Physics is the science of particles. This world
   (known) is actually doesn't exist. Every particle
   we know is compacted wave. The universe began with
   the first particle collision (sieve).

Q: - What happened next?
A: - Proto-sieve formed wave generation. Which led to
   cosmic-supercomputer appierance. It had generated
   matter (long-wave) from the sieve on the interval
   of several vallion years (very big number).

Q: - You mean it has intellect?
A: - Yeah, it had/has intellect. Its brain was/is based
   (contained in) on the waves coming out of the sieve.
   Then it was destroyed by us Sargonians (dinosauruses)
   in the process known as Big Bang (BBB). Its matter
   had hampered in outer space.

Q: - What is UFO?
A: - UFO is Triangle Imperial Aircraft. The correct
   reading for UFO is Unified Field Opening. It is
   actually cosmic-ship based on Big Bang manipulation
   (flight). See later on.

Q: - How much does it cost?
A: - TIAs are mass produced and cost 60,000 credits
   (Shargon credits) each. It is appriximately USD60K.

Q: - On what priciple do they fly?
A: - TIAs are flying/time travelling war-ships using
   Wing #3 design. It is actually artifical wing made
   of neutrino-laser beam (short impulses, computer
   controlled) oriented to BBB region. Then it travels
   in time (as it moves backwards) and produces diff.
   in pressure which allows the apparatus to travel
   in time/space, produce (sintesise) matter by
   copying, enter into the other matter by generating
   cubic sieve and perform other operations.

Q: - What is the source of power for TIA?
A: - It is usual atomic reactor inside.

Q: - How to monitor flights (schedule them)?
A: - Yes, you may build UFO and travel back in time
   to gather dust of particle of first generation
   (formed in BBB time), then to analize golographic
   image on the particle and decode the table of
   flights, as every space-ship (UFO) has its own
   code (board #), transmitted in the beam. Or,
   alternatively, you may come into the possesion
   of large old animal bones and decifer the
   information from there.

Comments: Big Bang supercomputer is clearly seen in
the definit region of the sky. It is seen before
the bang, as well as after killing, his waypath
is clearly seen too. It is measured and used.
Speeds achieved in its neutrino tunnel are highest
(x500 light and so on). Taking part in its killing
is a rule for every adult Sargonian.

Conserning killing your grand-parents: you neither
make your existence impossible, nor create another
history lines; it's far more simple: I see, that
you over-evaluate your importance - you will simply
die after killing them, as well as time-machine
dissappear with you. Many beings die every moment,
you are one of them, so nothing special with you.

Q: - Is it possible to flight without much special
A: - (Joike). Ah, yes! You need several water-caps
   and a hat. As well as, some knowledge in
   austronomiah, such as where Big Bang located
   (exactly). Then you put your horns of water-caps
   into the Big Bang region, neutrino caming out
   of water will fly there, and as it travels so
   far as is it moves back in time, it will create
   huge pressure on you as physical object under
   his waypoint. Please note: one neutrino is
   very small (one of the smallest waves) and its
   weight is very small too, but the line of
   mirriads neutrinoes is very heavy construction:
   and the pressure will be high too. So let us
   say so: two neutrino may get up a man, four
   neutrinoes may get up a basalt cover of coffin.
   Once again: a man (human being) costs 2 (two)

Q: - Is the location of Big Bang region known?
A: - Ah, yes! I was thinking of you asking this
   question. Well, actually no. Humans _do not_
   know there it is now. Nethertheless of that
   they are saying...

Q: - No?!
A: - Yes, it isn't yet known. There is a calculating
   project of finding the location of this very
   important region of the sky by massive computing
   search: it is called SETI@home project as you may
   already heard. You may take part in these efforts
   by downloading and installing special software.
   Of cause, there is no guaranty that it would be
   found. And the results, if they will ever come to
   truth would be honored between participants.

Q: - So... This coordinates will cost much?
A: - Ah, yes! Exactly, right. XXhXXmXXs XXX°XX'XX"
   This six numbers will cost much summ of money. 

Q: - Is it looks like Old Snake, isn't it?
A: - Ah, yes! Right.

Q: - How it is possible to generate neutrinoes?
A: - I have already told you: pure water emits
    them in small quantities, that is why
    dinosauruses wipe out all the water from
    the Earth on Exile: they used it on their
    ships to travel to the center of the Galaxy.
    You may also manipulate light in lasers.
    Or, alternatively, you may try to catch
    them (this will also create pressure) in
    slow light on low temperatures.

Q: - Very interesting!
A: - Ah, yes!

Q: - Those: nuclear reactors. What are they for?
A: - For the energy, of cause. Neutrino flight
    doesn't require much energy either as I told.
    It is simple projection of the Sun throught
    multi-directional six lens, to tell the truth.
    Earth orbits around the Sun, but the distance
    remains constant, and there is such a math
    thing as 'multi-directional six lens'.

A2: - Is that clear?
Q:  - Not yet.
A:  - Listen here very carefully, this is the last
    resort: every nuclear reactor is simply the
    photo of the closest star (the Star), on the
    resonating frequencies. Very simple and
    straight-forward device. Their efforts to build
    thermo-nuclear apparatus may theoretically lead
    to the explosion of the Planet as this was with
    the Fifth Planet before. And, no I can't help
    you with this: I think, that it is better to
    use normal nuclear processes as they did it
    before and _not to try_ to enter dangerous
    regions. Ah, yes I understand that
    thermo-nuclear reactor is the photo of the
    Galaxy. But the _real_ situation is that way:
    It is war going in the Galaxy now, so-so...
    They simply will blew out us (the Earth) at
    the closest possibility. By the way, have you
    ever heard of their Gods? I will pay a little
    for that information, as I'm interested in
    that. Not so strong: say I will pay you a
    hundred bucks for the name of _any_ God of
    the Fifth planet - but no more, I do not
    evaluate it very much, as coordinates: for
    the coordinates I will pay you, say fifty
    thousands bucks, if you like.