Drop a message to me to order: ghst@oxt.kht.ru.


As far as I understood from Boeing 747 plane specification, its wing is capabale of producing work of lifting the weight by the force of one third power. The device I invented is capable of eliminating the need for fuel at all. So if you are developing engines for the planes: drop me a message to order draft.

Let's look on the robot: it's a pity being being chained like a slave or criminal by its power cord (in your scenario). My device gives it freedom (of traveling the planet). You can drop me a message to order draft.

Most of the goods in the world are freighted by ships. By the way, ships definition includes space flying objects. Eternal source of energy for shipbuiding industry is here. Drop me a message to order draft.

You may think, of other self-powered devices: heaters, refrigerators etc. you may do by yourself(, or for sale), here:

Without my geniume idea it all was impossible. And drop me a message to order draft as well.

The last thing: the price quoted is fird, and in no way disscusable.